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The Creamery

The Creamery


We could not be more excited to announce the official opening of our dairy processing facility and the launch of our website. As our company name suggests we are bringing the cream. Our milk is wholesome and is minimally processed for your health and enjoyment.

Jersey Goodness

How do you quantify sustainability? Due to her smaller size the Jersey cow consumes 32% less water and 11% less land than her peers. Her efficient consumption translates to a 24% reduction in manure and a 20% smaller “carbon footprint”. Yet these little powerhouses only occupy %4 of total dairies.

Minimal Processing

So the milk comes from the cow. Now what? Legally we have to pasteurize all of our products. However, that’s all we do! Nothing is taken, nothing is added. Our flavoured products and cheeses are also made of our wholesome milk and all-natural ingredients.


The concept is simple. By minimizing the distance our milk travels on the way to processing, we are able to provide a product with a longer shelf life that is fresher than ever before.
The Creamery

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